Our Movement

“Your best days and blessed days are ahead of you . . . and good things are right around the corner.”
– Michael Chandler, Founder, Blessed Threads

Our Movement

Here at Blessed Threads we have a simple two-pronged mission. We aim to bring hope and aid to the less fortunate – beginning with children suffering from cancer – and to live and spread the message that your best days and blessed days really are just ahead.

We do this by bringing you fashion and passion. You buy our T-shirts, and we donate to Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Still, people have to know about us.

What do we do here at Blessed Threads? Well, it’s simple really. But, we like to think, pretty important too.

What we do is spread hope and blessings by means of T-shirt sales and donations. And we offer you the opportunity to be an important part of this worthwhile endeavor.

For a child with cancer, your T-shirt purchase can be a genuine blessing. That’s why we say our mission is to bring you fashion and passion.

How it Works

Every time you purchase a T-shirt, Blessed Threads will donate a portion of the proceeds, and sometimes “Blessed” T-shirts as well, to Friends of Kids with Cancer. You get to enjoy your T-shirt while experiencing the joy of knowing that a child has been blessed.

Beginning as a toy closet at cancer-treatment locations, Friends of Kids with Cancer now has a 19-year history in St. Louis, MO, the hometown of Michael Chandler, founder of Blessed Threads. Their goal is to “cultivate mental well being with programs that help children cope with the challenges they face, make the best out of the situation they are in, and, most importantly, remember that it’s OK to still be just a kid.”

So, you purchase a T-shirt, Blessed Threads makes a donation, and then Friends of Kids with Cancer is able to continue providing the “recreational, educational, and emotional support needed throughout the long hours of chemotherapy, illness, and isolation.”

What it Means

Whenever you purchase a T-shirt from Blessed Threads, you are doing two great things to spread blessings . . .

First, you’re getting a stylish, comfortable, top-quality T-shirt with a message on it – “Blessed.” Those few letters are a bold and confident proclamation that hope, blessings, and good things lie ahead – perhaps just around the corner.

And, second, you are ensuring that a donation will go to Friends of Kids with Cancer. You will, indeed, be participating in our efforts to bring hope and a little happiness to the less fortunate.

Your T-shirt that says “Blessed” and our donation work together to remind these kids that there is hope and there are people who care.

Contact us to discover more about how you can make a difference and bless a child in need.

Making a Difference

Blessed Threads is a company that cares and wants to give back. We care about bringing happiness and hope and blessings to the less fortunate. And we’re betting that you care too – and want to make a difference in the world.

That difference can begin with something as simple as a new T-shirt. Really.

When you purchase a T-shirt from Blessed Threads, you’re doing a great thing. Our hope is that both you and the recipients of our donations will be blessed – hence our name, Blessed Threads. You can wear one of our T-shirts knowing that your purchase has helped a child with cancer.

Tell Someone

Without a doubt, we want the world to know what we do because we believe in it. And we’re betting that you will to.

Blessed Threads is starting locally by partnering with Friends of Kids with Cancer in St. Louis. In the same way, you can begin right where you are. Just start by telling a friend or a family member about Blessed Threads and our mission.

As founder Michael Chandler often says, it’s not just in wearing a shirt that has a compelling word on it, but in living the word you’re wearing – “Blessed.”

Bringing You Fashion and Passion

Sure, we want to run a successful business and sell plenty of comfortable, stylish T-shirts, but we aim to do a whole lot more than that. So, here’s the deal . . .

For every T-shirt you purchase, Blessed Threads will make a monetary donation to Friends of Kids with Cancer. You get to enjoy a high-quality T-shirt, while at the same time experiencing the joy of knowing that a child has been blessed.

It’s a win-win situation all around!

And Blessed Threads founder Michael Chandler is no stranger to winning. A former college wrestler and a current Mixed Martial Artist, he constantly seeks to spread his conviction that “good things are going to happen.”

The Three Pillars of Blessed Threads 

The core beliefs that form the foundational pillars of Blessed Threads are:

  1. Much is expected from those to whom much has been given.
  2. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.
  3. Your best days and blessed days lie just ahead.

Simple but powerful – especially when it comes to blessing a child with cancer.

Spreading the Blessings

Currently, we are working closely with the St. Louis-based organization Friends of Kids with Cancer. The donations that accompany your purchase of a T-shirt will help Friends of Kids with Cancer provide these kids with the “recreational, educational, and emotional support” they need to remain “happy, positive, and motivated.”

Wearing a T-shirt that says “Blessed” is a bold proclamation that, no matter what these kids are going through, they are blessed – and there are blessings on the way.

“More than half of success is just believing that you deserve to be successful . . . and we ALL do.”
–Michael Chandler, Founder, Blessed Threads

Here at Blessed Threads our mission, as we’ve mentioned before, is to bring you “fashion and passion.” The thing is, though, this is something of two-way street.

We’ll take care of the “fashion” part by offering top-quality T-shirts that are both stylish and comfortable. These really are great T-shirts that proclaim a message of hope and blessing.

But we’re also counting on you to help with the element of “passion.” We’re confident that you, too, want to make a difference in the world – and here’s your chance.

Your Part

Obviously, we want you to buy our T-shirts . . . for several reasons:

  • Wearing one of our fashionable T-shirts with the “Blessed” logo in the upper left is a great way to affirm and proclaim founder Michael Chandler’s conviction that our best days and blessed days really are just ahead, possibly right around the corner.

  • Purchasing a T-shirt from Blessed Threads will ensure that donations continue to go to Friends of Kids with Cancer and that these deserving kids are blessed with recreational, educational, and emotional support.

  • Your support will aid Blessed Threadsl in achieving our longer-term goal of having the greatest possible impact for good in the world.

Our Part

Now on our end, we pledge to:

  • Produce quality T-shirts – and eventually other lines of blessed apparel – that you can proudly wear knowing that you’re helping to spread the blessings.

  • Strengthen our partnership with Friends of Kids with Cancer and work toward blessing children in third-world countries.

  • Continue to search for and find the greatest need and fill it . . . with blessings.


When we each do our part, when fashion and passion converge, good things happen. And your T-shirt purchases coupled with our partnership with Friends of Kids with Cancer is, we think, a great example of that.