About Michael Chandler

Spreading the Blessings – The Duty

Some of us started out in life with several advantages, some of us have received quite a bit along the way, and others of us have achieved a lot. So most of us understand that we have a responsibility – no, a duty – to give back and spread the blessings we’ve received.

That’s what Michael Chandler wants to do with Blessed Threads. His fervent desire is to spread blessings and hope to the less fortunate, starting with kids afflicted with cancer.   

Here’s Michael in his own words: “It’s that conviction of knowing that I’ve been given so much that drives me to succeed and give back every single day.”

Michael’s Story

Originally from St. Louis, Michael grew up in a fairly typical blue-collar, hard-working, middle-America household, with a union carpenter and a secretary for parents. The value of hard work, then, was instilled early on – as well as the desire to do what he could for those around him.

Leveraging his advantages and through hard work and good choices, Michael has achieved quite a lot in his life.

Here, for example, is what he accomplished, beginning in 2004, as a wrestler – and a walk-on wrestler at that – at the University of Missouri:

  • Four-time NCAA qualifier
  • Twice runner-up at BIG XII Championships
  • Four-year starter
  • 100 career wins
  • Division I All-American
  • Twice team captain

Then, in 2009, Michael moved on to a career as a Mixed Martial Artist and has:

  • Compiled a 9-0 record
  • Defeated Eddie Alvarez, a top-10 lightweight
  • Captured the Bellator Lightweight Belt
  • Achieved a top-10 lightweight ranking
  • Received the Sherdog.com 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year award
  • Been named Fight Magazine’s 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year

Now, it’s his time to give back.

Genesis of the Idea

The idea for Blessed Threads first began to take shape when Michael was still a student at the University of Missouri. A small T-shirt shop that produced shirts
with custom logos within about 10 minutes sparked the T-shirt idea.

And then there was the friend who had a child with cancer.

Finally, it all came together. And now it is moving outward like the ripples produced
by a small pebble cast into the water, gaining momentum and growing larger and larger.

The Partnership to Help Kids with Cancer

Knowing that it’s always best to give back to those who gave you your start, Michael is concentrating his first efforts on his hometown. That’s why Blessed Threads is partnering with the St. Louis-based organization Friends of Kids with Cancer.

For every T-shirt purchased, Blessed Threads will make a donation to Friends of Kids with Cancer. These donations will help them provide the kids and their families “the recreational, educational, and emotional support needed throughout the long hours of chemotherapy, illness, and isolation.”

Blessed Threads’ goal is to help Friends of Kids with Cancer achieve their stated goal of treating the “whole child”: “Treatments shouldn’t just attack viruses and cells in a child’s body; the mind, soul, and, most importantly, the heart need to be cared for as well.

The Vision

Michael Chandler has a vision for Blessed Threads, too – and that is simply to make the biggest impact possible in the world. It begins with T-shirts and donations and will move upward and outward from there.

Incorporating the blessed mentality into every aspect of Blessed Threads, Michael understands that the possibilities are virtually limitless. The ultimate goal is to eventually expand into other lines of blessed apparel and spread the blessings and hope to third-world countries.

To find out much more about Blessed Threads, go to Our Movement.